Payout Monday 4th of April

Invite friends to download and install PayRue Wallet each successful invite will earn you 500 Propel.

The 10 most successful leaders on the Leaderboard with a minimum of 10 invites will earn a bonus.


1st prize 300,000 Propel + NFT (secret choice by PayRue)

2nd prize 200,000 Propel + NFT (secret choice by PayRue)

3rd prize 100,000 Propel + NFT (secret choice by PayRue)

4–10 on Leaderboard will receive 25,000 Propel each.

How to do it

  1. Go to PayRue Wallet
  2. Click on Rewards

3. copy and paste Your referral link and send it to family and friends

How to buy Propel

This post will outline how to buy and sell Propel what blockchains it’s available on.

Propel is native token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) the contract address can be found here on BSCScan

There is total and max supply of 8 billion Propel available (8,000,000,000)

Where to buy Propel on BSC

PayRue Swap (aggregator) using

PayRue Wallet (mobile app)

PayRue Swap (desktop/laptop)

Or any DEX that is decentralised exchange like PanCakeSwap, 1inch Exchange etc.

Propel on Polygon and Fantom

Propel is also available to trade on Polygon Matic and Fantom

To trade Propel on these blockchains you can bridge you Propel between blockchains using AnySwap Exchange

here can choose Propel