PayRue DEX Wallet to replace PayRue PRO Wallet

London 2nd of July 2021

PayRue (PRO) Wallet started with a vision to simplify the holding of cryptocurrencies for payments, transfers, and exchanges. As such it started as a custody wallet where PayRue Ltd holds and manages the wallets on behalf of its customers.

Due to new regulations, due to the cost of running custody wallets with limited use, and to follow the general market evolution into DeFi we have decided to close down PayRue Wallet on 1st of August 2021 and replace it with PayRue DEX Wallet.

To continue our focus on decentralized finance and crypto services for anyone anywhere in the world.

What does this mean and how do I move my crypto from PayRue PRO Wallet?

PayRue DEX Wallet supports Binance Smart Chain, BSC (Bep 20) today.

If you hold Bitcoin or any token on Binance Chain (Bep 2), Ethereum we kindly ask you to transfer these to wallets like TrustWallet, Binance Chain Wallet, MetaMask, Blockchain wallet, or wherever you feel is a good wallet to hold your BTC, Ethereum and Binance Bep 2 tokens.

Failure to move your tokens from PayRue PRO Wallet can result in a delay in claiming tokens back or loss of tokens after the deadline of 1st of August.

What NEXT for PayRue DEX Wallet?

The next phase for PayRue DEX Wallet is to continue to offer complete services on Binance Smart Chain adding Ethereum and Polygon Matic.

New and Added Services will be:

  • Swap inside the mobile wallet — PayRue Swap
  • Add, send, receive and manage any tokens on BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon
  • Easily connect your PayRue DEX Wallet through WalletConnect with any dapp and exchange where possible
  • Staking direct from wallet
  • Manage multiple LP Tokens for liquidity rewards
  • Integration of buying crypto with debit card/bank transfers from third-party providers (will require KYC from their part)
  • Integration of PayRue Chat services
  • NFT Wallet and exchange/swap support
  • New DeFi Dashboard web app

Download PayRue DEX Wallet here

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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