PayRue NFT adds support for OKC

11 September 2022

Today we are excited to announce that we have added OKC as blockchain to PayRue NFT.

OKC is the blockchain that was developed out of the OKX Exchange ecosystem.

To start with OKC

  1. Install MetaMask Wallet to set up OKC, quick guide here

Go to MetaMask and click on Add Network at the top of the dropdown

Add details to the network manually


Network Name: OKExChain Mainnet


ChainID: 66

Symbol: OKT


  1. Once Connected you need to add funds to OKC you can do this via bridge tokens from other blockchains such as USDT on Multichain
  2. If you need OKT we can recommend you to go to OKX Exchange
  3. Once OKT is added to your wallet, you can start creating, buying, and selling NFTs

Visit PayRue NFT



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