PayRue NFT Exchange

2 min readJun 8, 2022



8th of June 2022


This is a multi-chain NFT exchange supporting BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

The vision and idea behind the exchange are to make it easier to trade NFT and improve liquidity for artists, creators, investors, and collectors.

Using a more traditional exchange UI with features such as Limit orders and Market orders will create a better flow to manage NFT trades.

The royalties in the smart contract are set between 1–30% and are paid out instantly when a trade is done which will fuel more liquidity to project owners.

Here you can create bids, buy market orders direct, and follow the graph of how the NFT trading history.

How to connect to the exchange?

This exchange is a web application using it on a mobile or desktop/laptop browser you do it with a browser like Chrome for example.

Connecting your wallet, we recommend you use MetaMask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, or a Dapp with WalletConnect integration.



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