PayRue Penguin NFT Minted

2 min readOct 26, 2022

The complete PayRue NFT Collection of max 1000 NFT

This post is about PayRue NFT Penguins

What is the Penguin Collections

PayRue Penguins is a total collection of 1000 NFTs that is unique to the PayRue Digital Asset Platform. We see them as the early pioneers of backers and supporters of PayRue.

Each Penguin is unique its only 1000 of them, and each one is numbered from 1–1000.

Penguins are divided over Polygon for 900 NFTs and BNB Chain 100 NFTs.

What are the rights and purposes of the Penguins?

The holders will benefit from rights which basically means they are entitled to certain things:

  1. Yield, each Penguin holds the right to 0.01% of the revenue generated in PayRue NFT Marketplace
  2. Member of PayRue DAO and automatically allowed to make Proposals
  3. Staking, soon you will be allowed to earn Staking Rewards by holding your Penguin, details will be announced soon
  4. Priority on airdrops and merchandise

How to buy and sell Penguins

To buy Penguin you need Propel on either Polygon or BNB Chain

Propel on Polygon 0xe0Ce60AF0850bF54072635e66E79Df17082A1109

Propel on BNB Chain 0x9B44Df3318972bE845d83f961735609137C4C23c

If you need to move Propel between Polygon and BNB you can do that on Multichain

If you want to buy and sell Penguin, you can do that on PayRue NFT Exchange

When you click on View Market

You see options of either Place a Bid (like an Auction) or Buy Now (Market Offer you buy direct)

PayRue DAO

To engage in PayRue DAO to make a Proposal you just need to connect the same wallet that holds your Penguin

Future and Roadmap

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