Propel de-listing from BitMart

2 min readJul 13, 2022

Update London 13th of July 2022

PayRue native token Propel has been listed on BitMart Exchange for more than 1 year, it has been a great listing and a great exchange to work with.

Due to Propel not meeting the new requirements of daily, and weekly volume in order of depth and volume Propel will be de-listed with mutual agreement from BitMart Exchange.

In general, these volumes can be achieved by using your own Tokens and adding Liquidity to the pair to support further trading, however, the trades that would be generated would not in general be seen as normal customer flow of trading and would therefore give a false narrative of the actual volume.

This is the number one reason why we also support de-listing to provide an accurate reality and flow of volume of Propel.

We are building an ecosystem around Propel to be used when

  • Buy/Sell NFT
  • Vote in PayRue DAO
  • Stake & Liquidity mining using Propel
  • Rewards for Trading NFTs and Crypto in Propel

Anyone who has Propel in BitMart can withdraw Propel and use any decentralized wallet that supports BNB Chain to store their crypto.

Exchange of Propel is fully functional in PayRue Swap and any other DEX.

We thank BitMart for the time we were listed and wish them the best of luck.

Any information around de-listing with dates etc please contact BitMart direct or PayRue Discord.

PayRue Team