The PayRue Penguin Offer

The first airdrop to all Penguin holders — 50 AMPT

PayRue NFT Penguin holders hold a unique value proposition in our community.

It gives holders access to

  1. 0.01% per Penguin on earnings from PayRue Digital Asset Platform

At this moment 150 Penguins have been minted and there are 70 different holders

The balance of 850 Penguins will be minted on Polygon between 21–23rd of September.

When PayRue took a stake in Amplify Protocol, our mission was clear DeFi for SMEs is a very good fit, and Amplify has a unique opportunity to grow in this sector.

PayRue will airdrop 50 AMPT tokens to each Penguin owner on the 1st of October 2022.

Requirements are that you own a PayRue NFT Penguin on the 1st of October 2022 and your Polygon Wallet will be credited with AMPT.

More Info on PayRue Penguins



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