Update Staking / Liquidity

Jul 12, 2021

Earn LP Tokens to Stake and Earn 10% Propel on BSC each month

We have simplified the liquidity mining process to earn LP Tokens and stake those to earn 10% in Propel each month.

The process is as follows

  1. Use PayRue DEX Wallet to connect with PanCakeSwap or JulSwap through WalletConnect or MetaMask
  2. Provide liquidity in Propel and BNB and Receive LP Tokens in your PayRue DEX Wallet
  3. LP Tokens in balance is now available in PayRue DEX Wallet — Done you are NOW Staking LP Tokens to receive Propel each month.

Summary: The simplicity to stake from your own mobile wallet without requirements to transfer or deposit LP Tokens yourself makes this very attractive offer in combination with 120% APY.

Below is an example of screen shots on Adding Liquidity and Receive LP Tokens to Stake to Earn Propel