Trading on PayRue DEX

What is PayRue DEX on Binance Smart Chain, is it any good, how does it work and what are the pros vs cons and opportunities? These are fair questions lets explore!

PayRue DEX is a decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain, a simple plain vanilla exchange.

However, what makes is it very good is how it’s setup

  1. All BNB gas fees are included in the commission fees, so this means traders don't need to pay any BNB gas when trading on PayRue DEX. So summary NO GAS FEES when trading on PayRue DEX.
  2. All Limit Orders…

This will outline how WalletConnect works in PayRue DEX and what you can do!

WalletConnect will allow users to connect their TrustWallet direct with PayRue DEX, PanCakeSwap, and JulSwap to do deposits, withdrawals, swap, trading, and staking.

Staking step by step from TrustWallet using WalletConnect

  1. Connect to JulSwap or PancakeSwap from TrustWallet
  2. Choose Add Liquidity

3. If you can NOT see PROPEL token in PanCakeSwap you will add it manually by input the contract address 0x9b44df3318972be845d83f961735609137c4c23c


4. Once you submitted BNB/PROPEL liquidity you will receive LP Tokens

Update your staking of PROPEL

Date 28 of April 2021

As a result of PanCakeSwap release of Version 2 and the push for liquidity on V2 PayRue has taken action to update its staking.

LP Tokens staked on Version 1 will still pay out PROPEL for staking under May month, this gives users an opportunity to unstake and move liquidity over to PanCakeSwap V 2.

The PROPEL/BNB Liquidity Pool in PanCakeSwap V2 is now live with the same process as for v1.

  1. Provide liquidity in PROPEL/BNB on PanCakeSwap V2

PROPEL Contract Address in BSCScan

2. Receive LP Tokens

3. Deposit…

Dear community in the last couple of months we have been working hard towards the goal of global crypto services and one platform. We have now come a bit further on the way.

What is new!

PayRue Wallets

  • New design
  • Price feed of PROPEL
  • Adding BSC Support

PayRue Chat

  • New chat service for PayRue users with Public Chat Rooms
  • Soon adding voice & video call

PayRue DEX

  • Added 6 new assets
  • Staking of VPROPEL
  • Liquidity farming of PROPEL in PanCakeSwap and JulSwap


  • Added updated links and information about the token
  • Listing on PanCakeSwap, JulSwap, and BitMart
  • Added on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap

About Staking and Farming PROPEL visit the links below

- VPROPEL Staking to earn PROPEL

- Farming BNB/PROPEL to receive LP Tokens and claim PROPEL

Earn PROPEL by adding BNB & PROPEL liquidity on PanCakeSwap and JulSwap

This post will explain the process of how you can earn PROPEL by adding PROPEL & BNB on PanCakeSwap and JulSwap.

Important Key Facts on process

  • LP Tokens is a token that is given as a reward for providing Liquidity of BNB / PROPEL in PanCakeSwap or JulSwap
  • LP Tokens that are Earned is Deposited to your MetaMask Wallet
  • LP Tokens Earned in your MetaMask Wallet will need to be transferred to your PayRue DEX Wallet to be able to receive the PROPEL reward
  • Rewards are calculated monthly…

Stake VPROPEL and earn 10% PROPEL each month

We are now finally live with our first version of staking. I will explain here how to stake, why staking VPROPEL, and what is coming next in PayRue Staking and PayRue DEX.

The first staking in PayRue is to stake the VPROPEL to earn PROPEL.

VPROPEL is the vested token of PROPEL the supply is fixed to 3 billion PROPEL (3,000,000,000) which represents a total of 37.5% of the total PROPEL supply and is holders of VPROPEL can swap (exchange) into PROPEL after the 4th of November 2021 at 1:1. The price…

Voting of Liquidity Mining is now completed

London 21st of November 2020

We yesterday finished the voting to approve a liquidity mining program on PayRue DEX. Click Here for details.

Some background information, facts, and process of participating in the mining program.

PayRue DEX is an order book driven dex on Binance Smart Chain, you connect with PayRue DEX by connecting your MetaMask has to be set for BSC.

Connect here PayRue DEX

PayRue DEX is a new order book driven DEX and by such we don't have a lot of assets listed yet, but we will add these on…

The beginning…

London 4th of November 2020

Hi PayRue users!

Today we launched an early staking and reward program on PayRue DEX, the key takeaway from step 1 is that users of PayRue have different accounts to choose from those are Basic, Starter, and Professional.

Starter has a 15% discount on Takers fee when holding 100,001–999,999 PROPEL on PayRue DEX Wallet when trading.

Professional has a 35% discount on Takers fee when holding +1,000,000 PROPEL on PayRue DEX Wallet when trading.

To benefit from discounts on PayRue DEX you should hold a certain amount of PROPEL on your exchange wallet…

About PROPEL & VPROPEL Distribution

London 3rd of November 2020

Dear PayRue users, as of today we launched our token sale of VPROPEL a wrapped vested token of PROPEL.

VPROPEL holds a total supply of 37.5% of the total supply of PROPEL.

We created VPROPEL to allow investors to be able to invest in PayRue and PROPEL ecosystem under less volatile terms. This is why VPROPEL have the following characteristics

  • Fixed price of 0.005 BUSD
  • Fixed supply of 3,000,000,000 (37.5%)
  • Expiry on 4th of November 2021, after this time any holders of VPROPEL can exchange 1:1 into PROPEL
  • Holders of…

VPROPEL is live to purchase on PayRue DEX

London 3rd of November 2021

Dear PayRue users,

As PayRue expands its platform, community, services, and products on the roadmap we decided it was required to raise funds to enable quicker growth and to seize the opportunity that digital assets and cryptocurrencies currently are offering.

PROPEL is the native token of PayRue and is an asset on Binance Smart Chain and currently available to buy on PayRue DEX and AMM Protocols such as PancakeSwap.

To provide a more long-term solution and price stability for early investors and long-term partners we decided to…

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